Acupuncture is one of the modalities of Traditional Chinese (or Oriental) Medicine. Acupuncture involves the use of small, sterile needles (about as thick as a human hair) inserted shallowly into the skin at specific points on the body. Qi (pronounced: chee) is the universal life energy, it is carried throughout the body in channels called meridians and is accessed through the acupuncture points. This treatment can help to move, strengthen, or balance the Qi. Each acupuncture treatment is tailored to the body’s individual needs.

We may also use cupping, gua sha, electro-acupuncture, tui na (Chinese massage techniques), moxibustion, and/or of course herbal medicine in the course of your visit.

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are extremely successful in the treatment of a multitude of conditions. Many people try Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as a “last resort” to serious and complex medical problems and find that it can help them when other treatments could not.

Acupuncture is also often used as a preventative medicine. Many people see their acupuncturist for a “tune up” or “balancing” treatment. This can prevent disease and promote health, energy and vitality.

At The Ridge we treat:

  • acute and chronic pain
  • sports injuries and training
  • fertility
  • pre and post-natal health
  • allergies
  • colds/flu’s
  • stress/anxiety/depression
  • digestive complaints
  • & fatigue

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What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork. Your practitioner will then spend some time with you answering and asking questions. The practitioner then performs an acupuncture treatment based on your needs. The length of time the needles are left in depends upon your body, some people are done after 15 minutes and others like to have the needles in for over an hour. When your treatment is done (your body will know), your acupuncturist will come in and take your needles out. At the end of your treatment your acupuncturist will talk with you about your treatment plan.

What does a treatment involve?

A typical treatment will include a patient intake, placement of acupuncture needles, and possible application of adjunctive modalities such as moxibustion, cupping or gua sha. After the treatment, exercise or dietary recommendations are made and herbs are prescribed if indicated. (A qualified practitioner will know if herbs are contraindicated for use with specific medications)

How many treatments will I need?

A usual course of treatments is 5 to 10 treatments. While individual healing responses vary, acute conditions tend to resolve more quickly and chronic conditions need more time and patience. Most people feel some relief from symptoms after the first or second treatments. However a good rule of thumb for chronic conditions; it takes one month of treatments for every year you have had the condition. Please be patient with your body as it works to find health and balance.

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